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the standard development platform and business

Use the distinctive MILLcoin codes to check your smart contract code, with an out-of-chain account of the reference contract. Get a permanent, publicly verifiable security record and live forever on Ethereum

world Trade There is no average man

We have developed a modern market where you can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you desire. Create complete stores directly through the market where you can sell your products


What do you do ?

Token Millionaire

Millionaire (MILL) Gifts

Millionaire (MILL) Shopping Bag

Price is: ( 10000000 MILL )

All sizes available Black and White colors

Business Partners

payment by MILL coin

We are proud that we have reached our business partners and this makes us very confident Every day we communicate to more of our partners.



Price is: ( 1000000 MILL = 2 US Dollars )

Bitcoin Bitcoin 3E2bYZjCoMszuG1E6iSoUgHAJgQ1M636BB

Ethereum Bitcoin 0xC4aefdf9Dcd666D2F81d7eBeB8f8aBDdCcD014E6

Dogecoin Bitcoin DBVctMmjtpQpoRim19MPVprH8x8Wq4WHmE

Litecoin Bitcoin MBRoCLfGwRjDZWawXZWvgKgMRwcE3qoSDZ

Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin 14VsiMX4zrsSynyDZTcb1zcrmDdnGr8ahv



After payment please send your Ethereum Address and a proof of payment to sales@millcoin.net


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The bonus

10000000 MILL coin bonus

Let others know about us and we will reward you

We will pay you for each promotion You will receive 10000 MILL coin for free and will take , easy to complete so every message is done every tweet Post with each friends Write a topic in a forum / you will be rewarded so it really It's amazing

Send an email here with Link Sharing bonus@millcoin.net


All the details about our project are available in our whitepaper Click on the PDF icon to download our Whitepaper